3.5 Star (Good) · English · Thriller · UK · Zombie


🔹THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS (UK/English/2016/Zombie Thriller/Dir: Colm McCarthy/Starring: Sennia Nanua, Gemma Arterton)
🔹You may be frightened on seeing the initial sequences of the Colm McCarthy directed British film ‘The Girl with all the gifts’. A group of young children are restrained in cells with constant arm guards and they are tied to a wheelchair when they are attending classes in school. They seem perfectly normal and behaving in the same way as other children. Some questions will definitely come to your mind. Why these people are doing this cruelty to these young children ? Why the children are not at all worried about their present situation?
🔹 In a near future most of the humanity has been wiped out due to a dangerous fungal infection . The infected people are transforming in to dangerous flesh eating zombies referred to as ‘Hungries’ in the movie. Only a small group of people are survived and they are conducting brutal experiments on a group of hybrid zombie children who exhibits a form of resistance against the fungus. The experiments are being supervised by Dr. Caroline (Glenn Close) inside an army protected base.
🔹Melanie (Sennia Nanua) is one of the Zombie children who has high level of IQ and great control over her zombie behaviour. She has a special bond towards their teacher Helen Justineau ( Gemma Arterton ). Dr.Caroline found that she can found a cure for the fungal infection by using Melanie’s brain. But before completing her experiments Hungries attacked their base and they are exposed to the dangerous zombie world. Did anyone can survive such a catastrophe? Is there any hope of an antidote for this dangerous fungal infection? Watch the film to know all the answers.
🔹Zombie films are very common in Hollywood and usually all of them are telling the same stories . But this film is somewhat different from them . The introduction of zombie kids is a new revelation. All of us know that children are the best performers especially when coming to foreign movies. Here the story is not different. New comer Sennia Nanua is simply brilliant in her portrayal of Melanie. She has definitely a bright future ahead. Glenn Close and Gemma Arterton did their parts very well. For people who love zombie movies this film will be an intriguing experience.
🔹 RATING : 3.25/5 ( A Thrilling Zombie Film With Some Nice Performances )



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