3.0 Star (Above Average) · English · Monster · USA



🔹KONG : SKULL ISLAND 3D (USA/English/2017/Monster Film/ Dir: Jordan Vogt Roberts/Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson)


▪Kong: Skull Island is the second movie in Legendary Pictures’s  MonsterVerse following Godzilla and it is a reboot of King Kong film franchise. The last King Kong movie was released 12 years ago which was directed by Peter Jackson. The story of Kong: Skull Island is  different from the 2005 film and You can surely expect King Kong character in  new films under MonsterVerse . As per present reports the next film in MonsterVerse is Kong Vs Godzilla which is scheduled for 2020.

▪ In 1973 a group of scientists and Vietnam war soldiers travel to the Pacific in order to map out an unchartered island  named Skull Island. After reaching the Island they started to drop bombs in order to measure the seismic activities in the island . But unknown to them the island is ruled by a giant ape named King Kong who considered the humans are his enemies attacking his territory. Also the Island is the secret home for various pre historic creatures among them the most dangerous ones are the large lizards named Skull Crawlers. The rest of the film shows  the epic encounter of Man versus Monster and Monster Vs Monster.

▪The visual effects and graphics in the movie are top notch whereas the 3D effects are not so great. The actors including Tom Hiddleston and Samuel Jackson did their part well even though this film didn’t require more efforts from their acting side. The creation of King Kong and Skull Crawlers are very good . The movie is not a great film considering the previous one but it is really a fun ride if you watch it in theatres itself. You can go with your family especially children who will definitely like the giant hero King Kong and his epic encounter with Skull Crawlers.

🔹 Rating: 3/5 ( Another Man Vs Monster tale with Marvelous Visual Effects )



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