4.0 Star (Very Good) · Japan · Japanese · Psychological · Thriller



🔹CREEPY (Japan/Japanese/2016/Psychological Thriller/Dir: Kiyoshi Kurosawa/Starring: Hidetoshi Nishijima, Teruyuki Kagawa)

🔹 Japanese movies are well known for edge of the seat Psychological Thrillers which will take viewers to unseen boundaries of cinematic experience. The 2016 film CREEPY is no exception.


▪Koichi Takakura ( Hidetoshi Nishijima ) is a Profiler in Japan police department who uses his skills of Psychological assessment for evaluating Psycho Criminals . But one day his assessment falls wrong and he got seriously injured during the process. After that he resigned his job and joined as a university professor in Criminal Psychology and shifted his residence near to his new job with his wife Yasuko ( Yuko Takeyuchi ). During a research related to his study he came across a cold case involving the disappearence of three persons in a family leaving only an unreliable witness.  Koichi visited the crime scene and using his profiling background talked to Saki Honda who is the only remaining member of the disappeared family and witness to the crime. He smells something wrong in the explanation given by Saki and started to investigate the case with the help of his Police friend and without the knowledge of Police Department. 

▪During that time his wife made an acquaintance with their secretive neighbor Masato Nishino ( Teruyuki Kagawa ) and his daughter. But Koichi Takakura finds something mysterious about Masato and saw parallels with the missing family case. Who is this Masato Nishino and does he have any relation with the missing family case? Or does all these are the imaginations of Koichi Takakura’s Psychologist’s mind? See the film the find the answers to all these unanswered questions.


▪This film is a type of film which will draw viewers in to it from the very start itself. The film is completely true to its title and is utterly creepy which will draw sheer nervousness inside the viewer’s mind.  Kiyoshi Kurosawa done his best as a director and a made a film which is absolutely thrilling from start to end . The actors done their part very well especially  Teruyuki Kagawa who played the role of the mysterious Masato Nishino with sheer ease . His performance is the key element in this film and you can’t really guess what this character is going to do next. This film is based on a famous Japanese mystery novel and the screenplay is partly done by the director itself. This film is taut and gripping in its 130 min running time and is  recommended to all who love to watch dark Psychological Thrillers​ .

🔹Rating : 3.75/5 ( Gripping Psychological Thriller )


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