3.5 Star (Good) · Drama · Turkey · Turkish · War


13. DAG(THE MOUNTAIN) (2012)🔸 Turkey/War Drama

🔺Two soldiers left alive after an ambush in the snow bearing Turkish mountains. After some time together they found that the real war is not coming from the outside and it is actually between themselves. Despite the odds they have to fought shoulder by shoulder in order to survive the freezing atmosphere and incoming bullets from the enemy.

🔻Writer and director Alper Caglar done a very good job in bringing out a thrilling war drama from the freezing Turkish mountains. The movie showcases the conflicting relation between the main characters and it is very interesting. The film garnered praise from critics and viewers and a sequel film from the same director named Mountain II (DAG II) released on 2016 which gathered more success. The director uses a rather odd style in the film which shows the present and past things together. The movie exploits bravery, friendship and patriotism like other war movies and most importantly without any overdose.

🔻Rating : 3.5/5 (A Thrilling War Drama From The Mountains)

Movie Review Post No. 225


2.5 Star (Average) · English · Horror · Psychological · USA


12. A CURE FOR WELLNESS (2016)🔸USA/Psychological Horror/R

🔺An ambitious young man is send to a mysterious wellness centre in Swiss Alps to retrieve his company’s CEO. Soon he finds something odd happening in the wellness centre which claims to have miraculous treatments for all diseases.

🔻The movie has strong premises and the cinematography is extremely good. But the problem is that the film loses its track somewhere in the middle and climax twist is not at all convincing. Two and a half hour length is a big drawback of a film like this and the screenplay by Justin Haythe lacks thrilling elements. The movie is visually stunning which uses brilliant imagery and beautiful locations. The direction by Gore Verbinski who directed the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films is promising but not at all gripping. Anyway A Cure For wellness gave me an average experience thanks to the interesting plot and nice visuals.

🔻Rating : 2.5/5 ( A Visually stunning Film With Mediocre Execution)

Movie Review Post No. 224


3.5 Star (Good) · Crime · Drama · Hungarian · Hungary


11. STRANGLED (2016)🔸Hungary/Crime Drama/NR

🔺The Hungarian film Strangled takes place in the post war Hungary during 1956 to 1966. A psychotic serial killer slaughters young women after brutally raping and torturing them and an young detective who is fascinated with the case starts to investigate the actual happenings behind the murders.

🔻The film is based on a real life case from Hungary in 1957 known as Martfu murders and follows a realistic path depriving of usual cliches. The movie has lots of disturbing scenes of young women brutally tortured and being murdered and for some viewers it may be difficult to watch. The cinematography fits to the dark mood of the film and all the actors done a wonderful job. The movie successfully communicates the political position of Hungary at that time and how the Government officials try to intervene in the proceedings of a serious murder case. The film is a brutal, unsettling and hard hitting serial killer drama and remember it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

🔻Rating : 3.5/5 ( An Intelligent and Disturbing Crime Drama )

Movie Review Post No. 223


3.0 Star (Above Average) · Canada · English · Horror


10. THE VOID (2016)🔸Canada/Horror

🔺A police officer found a wounded man crawling in the road and he takes him to a nearby hospital. Soon the hospital is being surrounded by mysterious hooded figures and the hospital staff starts to behave strangely. A series of unexplainable things begins to happen in the hospital without any clue to anyone there.

🔻The Void is a horror film which relies on practical physical effects rather than CGI. The movie is extremely violent and each scene in the film is embedded with blood and gore and hence the film is not recommended for weak hearted. The plot of the film especially near the climax is very complex and may be interpreted in different ways. At some point in the film there is a high chance that viewers will find it difficult to follow the happenings in the screen. The movie reflect in many ways the horror films in 1990s like Hellraiser. Anyway the film is very scary and may get the hell out of you and is a treat for hardcore gore fans.

🔻Rating : 3/5 ( An Ultra Violent Horror Thriller Soaked In Blood And Gore )

Movie Review Post No. 222


3.0 Star (Above Average) · Drama · English · USA


9. PLEASE STAND BY (2017)🔸USA/Drama

🔺Wendy is a 21 year old beautiful, energetic and brilliant girl who is very fascinated by the Star Trek television show and she is writing a Star Trek show script to be submitted for a contest at Paramount Pictures. But she has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a developmental disorder resulting in difficulties associating social interactions. Since her sister who is her only guardian found it difficult to keep her at home Wendy is staying at a caregiver’s apartment. The movie tells the struggling of Wendy to be an independent person without making a burden to anybody.

🔻Dakota Fanning done a wonderful job as Wendy and she transforms in to that character both physically and mentally. The movie is a simple feel good drama with no such big surprises. The storyline is pretty ordinary and we can figure out the entire story long before it is happening. The movie has lot of mentions about the characters in Star Trek movies but unfortunately I can’t figure out any thing since I didn’t watched any Star Trek films. Anyway Please Stand By is a watchable film and you will not regret in watching it.

🔻Rating : 3/5 ( A Feel Good Drama )


3.5 Star (Good) · Drama · English · Science Fiction · USA


8. I ORIGINS (2014)🔸USA/Science Fiction

🔺Dr. Ian Gray is a molecular biologist who is in a research about the evolution of human eye. He thinks he can discredit religion, superstition and the concept of a creator by finding the initial steps in the evolution of eye. One day he meets Sofi an exotic young woman in a halloween party and they attracts to each other at first Site and Ian is amazed by her rather different and beautiful eyes. But Sofi who believes in spirituality finds it difficult to understand the ways of Ian and thinks he is trying to act as God. Soon a discovery in his research led Ian to a point where he must rethink all of his scientific and spiritual beliefs.

🔻The movie starts as a science fiction film at first and then the track changes to a love story and then at some point it takes the pace of a thriller. The final shift of the movie is completely unexpected for me as I have started to watch this film thinking it as a science fiction film. The movie discusses about spirituality, evolution, creation and afterlife in a compelling way. The director didn’t take any side and the dialogues in the film are thought Provoking. I Origins is not a conventional science fiction film and it will take the viewers to a dilemma where he has to think about many unanswered questions about life.

🔻Rating : 3.5/5 ( A Thought Provoking And Enlightening Science Fiction Drama )


3.0 Star (Above Average) · English · Thriller · USA


7. SWEET VIRGINIA (2017)🔸USA/Thriller

🔺Sam is an Ex – Rodeo chambion who runs a motel in a remote Alaskan village. One day a mysterious man named Elwood came to stay in the motel and the two became friends soon. But Sam doesn’t know the actual reason behind Elwood’s presence in that place. Soon unrest in that otherwise quite place starts after some gruesome murders in a bar nearby.

🔻Sweet Virginia is a slow paced thriller without lot of suspense and the plot is somewhat cliche. But the tense atmosphere and performances of the actors carried the movie to a different level. Jon Bernthal excels as the Ex-rodeo Sam but the one who surprised me is Christopher Abbot as the violent and unpredictable Elwood. The cinematography by Jessica Lee is very nice which helps to develop a thrilling feel in the viewers.

🔻Rating : 3/5 ( A Smart Slow Paced Thriller )