3.0 Star (Above Average) · Horror · Korean · South Korea


🔸 THE MIMIC (2017)🔸Korean/Horror

🔺There is an urban legend in Korea about a man eating mythical creature named Jangsan Tiger, which can lure people by mimicking human voices. The 2017 Korean horror flick THE MIMIC is based on this legend. A mother who is still traumatized by the disappearance of her toddler son years ago moved to her old house in the countryside with her family. One day she finds a little girl in the nearby forest who has the similar voice as her missing son and strange things began to happen in their life.

🔸The movie starts with a rather slow note and it’s finest moments are in the starting of the second half. There are some really creepy and terrifying moments in the film but the ending of the film is not so satisfying and typical. Anyway the movie has its moments which can satisfy a horror seeking viewer.

🔻Rating : 3/5 ( Korean Horror Meets Urban Legend )



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