2.0 Star (Below Average) · English · Spy · Thriller · USA


🔸RED SPARROW (2018)🔸USA/Spy Thriller

🔺Dominika Egorova is a Russian Ballerina who turned in to an intelligence officer recruited for discovering the identity of a mole. She is a trained sparrow, a name given for Russian spys who got extensive training in seducing their targets. She has to gain the trust of Nate Nash, a CIA operative working in Moscow in order to complete her mission and that lead her in to the modern day cold war between USA and Russia.

🔻Red Sparrow is a highly anticipated film in 2018 mainly because of the presence of academy award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. But sadly the movie doesn’t live up to the expectations and turned out to be a boring affair. The performance of Jennifer Lawrence can’t help the bleak screenplay by Justin Haythe and sleepy direction of Francis Lawrence. If you are expecting an action Spy thriller with enough twist and turns please stay away from this film which will only lose your patience and precious 140 minutes.

🔻Rating : 2/5 ( A Spy Thriller With No Thrills )



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