3.0 Star (Above Average) · English · Thriller · USA


7. SWEET VIRGINIA (2017)🔸USA/Thriller

🔺Sam is an Ex – Rodeo chambion who runs a motel in a remote Alaskan village. One day a mysterious man named Elwood came to stay in the motel and the two became friends soon. But Sam doesn’t know the actual reason behind Elwood’s presence in that place. Soon unrest in that otherwise quite place starts after some gruesome murders in a bar nearby.

🔻Sweet Virginia is a slow paced thriller without lot of suspense and the plot is somewhat cliche. But the tense atmosphere and performances of the actors carried the movie to a different level. Jon Bernthal excels as the Ex-rodeo Sam but the one who surprised me is Christopher Abbot as the violent and unpredictable Elwood. The cinematography by Jessica Lee is very nice which helps to develop a thrilling feel in the viewers.

🔻Rating : 3/5 ( A Smart Slow Paced Thriller )



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