3.5 Star (Good) · Drama · English · Science Fiction · USA


8. I ORIGINS (2014)🔸USA/Science Fiction

🔺Dr. Ian Gray is a molecular biologist who is in a research about the evolution of human eye. He thinks he can discredit religion, superstition and the concept of a creator by finding the initial steps in the evolution of eye. One day he meets Sofi an exotic young woman in a halloween party and they attracts to each other at first Site and Ian is amazed by her rather different and beautiful eyes. But Sofi who believes in spirituality finds it difficult to understand the ways of Ian and thinks he is trying to act as God. Soon a discovery in his research led Ian to a point where he must rethink all of his scientific and spiritual beliefs.

🔻The movie starts as a science fiction film at first and then the track changes to a love story and then at some point it takes the pace of a thriller. The final shift of the movie is completely unexpected for me as I have started to watch this film thinking it as a science fiction film. The movie discusses about spirituality, evolution, creation and afterlife in a compelling way. The director didn’t take any side and the dialogues in the film are thought Provoking. I Origins is not a conventional science fiction film and it will take the viewers to a dilemma where he has to think about many unanswered questions about life.

🔻Rating : 3.5/5 ( A Thought Provoking And Enlightening Science Fiction Drama )



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