3.0 Star (Above Average) · Drama · English · USA


9. PLEASE STAND BY (2017)🔸USA/Drama

🔺Wendy is a 21 year old beautiful, energetic and brilliant girl who is very fascinated by the Star Trek television show and she is writing a Star Trek show script to be submitted for a contest at Paramount Pictures. But she has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a developmental disorder resulting in difficulties associating social interactions. Since her sister who is her only guardian found it difficult to keep her at home Wendy is staying at a caregiver’s apartment. The movie tells the struggling of Wendy to be an independent person without making a burden to anybody.

🔻Dakota Fanning done a wonderful job as Wendy and she transforms in to that character both physically and mentally. The movie is a simple feel good drama with no such big surprises. The storyline is pretty ordinary and we can figure out the entire story long before it is happening. The movie has lot of mentions about the characters in Star Trek movies but unfortunately I can’t figure out any thing since I didn’t watched any Star Trek films. Anyway Please Stand By is a watchable film and you will not regret in watching it.

🔻Rating : 3/5 ( A Feel Good Drama )



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