3.0 Star (Above Average) · Canada · English · Horror


10. THE VOID (2016)🔸Canada/Horror

🔺A police officer found a wounded man crawling in the road and he takes him to a nearby hospital. Soon the hospital is being surrounded by mysterious hooded figures and the hospital staff starts to behave strangely. A series of unexplainable things begins to happen in the hospital without any clue to anyone there.

🔻The Void is a horror film which relies on practical physical effects rather than CGI. The movie is extremely violent and each scene in the film is embedded with blood and gore and hence the film is not recommended for weak hearted. The plot of the film especially near the climax is very complex and may be interpreted in different ways. At some point in the film there is a high chance that viewers will find it difficult to follow the happenings in the screen. The movie reflect in many ways the horror films in 1990s like Hellraiser. Anyway the film is very scary and may get the hell out of you and is a treat for hardcore gore fans.

🔻Rating : 3/5 ( An Ultra Violent Horror Thriller Soaked In Blood And Gore )

Movie Review Post No. 222



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