3.5 Star (Good) · Drama · Finland · Finnish


🔹THE MAN WITHOUT A PAST (Finland/Finnish/2002/Drama/97 Min/Dir: Aki Kaurismaki/Stars: Markku Peltola, Kati Outinen)
🔹What will you do if you forget all of your past? Imagine one day you get up from sleep in a far away land without remembering anything about you. You can’t remember your home , family ,job or even your name ? How will you survive in such a situation? Director Aki Kaurismaki is  uncovering the life of a man in such a difficult situation through his second installment of Finland Trilogy , THE MAN WITHOUT A PAST.
▪ An unnamed man is travelling in train to Helsinki in Finland. After arriving at the station he went to a nearby park and fell asleep there. Suddenly a group of hoodlums beated him very badly and run away after taking all of his belongings. He awakes in a hospital and found that he had lost all his memory including his name. He can’t remember why he came to that place or from where did he came from. 
▪ He started his life from scratch after making friends with some local people and getting supplies from the salvation army. He found a container dwelling to sleep with the help of a so called land lord and also started a relationship with a woman in the salvation army. But he can’t find a job because  he don’t even know what he can do or what is his specialisation. Rest of the movie tells his quest for survival through lot of life like situations wrapped with comedy , drama and romance. 
▪ This movie got academy award nomination for best foreign language film and won GrandPrix  in 2002 Cannes film festival. The director completely succeeds in drawing viewers in to the life of the unknown man and his wretched life . All the characters in the film are well made and the actors portrayed them nicely  with their matured performances. Markku Peltola done the role of the unknown man brilliantly and his face resembles all the agony of that character. 
▪ You may think after reading the synopsis that this movie is sad and pessimistic. Never ever think like that. This film is very optimistic and there are lot of moments you will laugh seeing the innocence of certain characters. The film deals with the inherent compassion inside every human being and how it helps other people for their survival .
▪ There is dark humor everywhere  in this film which will sometimes makes you laugh and sometimes make you cry. You can see a man who is reasonably old robbing a bank in order to get back his own money for giving back it to his debtors before his death. You can see the generosity of a poor security guard and his wife to a stranger who is severely injured. The sweet love story between the man and the salvation army officer will make your heart warmer. At some point you may hope that it is better for him to not remember anything. Watch it to witness  a movie with it’s heart in the right place.
🔹Rating : 3.5/5 ( A Gentle and Flawless Tale of Life )