3.5 Star (Good) · Drama · Turkey · Turkish · War


13. DAG(THE MOUNTAIN) (2012)🔸 Turkey/War Drama

🔺Two soldiers left alive after an ambush in the snow bearing Turkish mountains. After some time together they found that the real war is not coming from the outside and it is actually between themselves. Despite the odds they have to fought shoulder by shoulder in order to survive the freezing atmosphere and incoming bullets from the enemy.

🔻Writer and director Alper Caglar done a very good job in bringing out a thrilling war drama from the freezing Turkish mountains. The movie showcases the conflicting relation between the main characters and it is very interesting. The film garnered praise from critics and viewers and a sequel film from the same director named Mountain II (DAG II) released on 2016 which gathered more success. The director uses a rather odd style in the film which shows the present and past things together. The movie exploits bravery, friendship and patriotism like other war movies and most importantly without any overdose.

🔻Rating : 3.5/5 (A Thrilling War Drama From The Mountains)

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